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BeamZ Lichteffektmaschine LED Astro Parbar 4-Way Kit 150.490

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Ref. nr.:150.490
Congratulations to the purchase of this Beamz light eect. Please read this manual thoroughly prior to using the unit in
order to benet fully from all features.
Read the manual prior to using the unit. Follow the instructions in order not to invalidate the warranty. Take all
precautions to avoid re and/or electrical shock. Repairs must only be carried out by a qualied technician in order to
avoid electrical shock. Keep the manual for future reference.
- Prior to using the unit, please ask advice from a
specialist. When the unit is switched on for the rst
time, some smell may occur. This is normal and will
disappear after a while.
- The unit contains voltage carrying parts. Therefore do
NOT open the housing.
- Do not place metal objects or pour liquids into the unit
This may cause electrical shock and malfunction.
- Do not place the unit near heat sources such as
radiators, etc. Do not place the unit on a vibrating
surface. Do not cover the ventilation holes.
- The unit is not suitable for continuous use.
- Be careful with the mains lead and do not damage it.
A faulty or damaged mains lead can cause electrical
shock and malfunction.
- When unplugging the unit from a mains outlet, always
pull the plug, never the lead.
- Do not plug or unplug the unit with wet hands.
- If the plug and/or the mains lead are damaged, they
need to be replaced by a qualied technician.
- If the unit is damaged to such an extent that internal
parts are visible, do NOT plug the unit into a mains
outlet and DO NOT switch the unit on. Contact your
dealer. Do NOT connect the unit to a rheostat or
- To avoid re and shock hazard, do not expose the
unit to rain and moisture.
- All repairs should be carried out by a qualied
technician only.
- Connect the unit to an earthed mains outlet (220-
240Vac/50Hz) protected by a 10-16A fuse.
- During a thunderstorm or if the unit will not be used
for a longer period of time, unplug it from the mains.
The rule is: Unplug it from the mains when not in use.
- If the unit has not been used for a longer period of
time, condensation may occur. Let the unit reach
room temperature before you switch it on. Never use
the unit in humid rooms or outdoors.
- During operation, the housing becomes very hot. Do
not touch it during operation and immediately after.
- To prevent accidents in companies, you must follow
the applicable guide lines and follow the instructions.
- Secure the unit with an extra safety chain if the unit is
ceiling mount. Use a truss system with clamps. Make
sure nobody stands in the mounting area. Mount the
eect at least 50cm away from inammable material
and leave at least 1 meter space on every side to
ensure sucient cooling.
- This unit contains high intensity LEDs. Do not look
into the LED light to prevent damage to your eyes.
- Do not repeatedly switch the xture on and o. This
shortens the life time.
- Keep the unit out of the reach of children. Do not
leave the unit unattended.
- Do not use cleaning sprays to clean switches. The
residues of these sprays cause deposits of dust and
grease. In case of malfunction, always seek advice
from a specialist.
- Only operate the unit with clean hands.
- Do not force the controls.
- If the unit has fallen, always have it checked by a
qualied technician before you switch the unit on
- Do not use chemicals to clean the unit. They damage
the varnish. Only clean the unit with a dry cloth.
- ep away from electronic equipment that may cause Ke
- Only use original spares for repairs, otherwise
serious damage and/or dangerous radiation may
- Switch the unit o prior to unplugging it from the
mains and/or other equipment. Unplug all leads and
cables prior to moving the unit.
- Make sure that the mains lead cannot be damaged
when people walk on it. Check the mains lead before
every use for damages and faults!
- The mains voltage is 220-240Vac/50Hz. Check if
power outlet match. If you travel, make sure that the
mains voltage of the country is suitable for this unit.
- Keep the original packing material so that you can
transport the unit in safe conditions
This mark attracts the attention of the user to high voltages that are present inside the housing and that are of sucient
magnitude to cause a shock hazard.
This mark attracts the attention of the user to important instructions that are contained in the manual and that he should
read and adhere to.
DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE LENS. This can damage your eyes. Persons who are subject to epileptic attacks
should be aware of the eects that this light eect may have on them.
The unit has been certied CE. It is prohibited to make any changes to the unit. They would invalidate the CE certicate and
their guarantee!
NOTE: To make sure that the unit will function normally, it must be used in rooms with a temperature between 5°C/ °F 41 and
35 95°C/ °F.
Electric products must not be put into household waste. Please bring them to a recycling centre. Ask your local authorities or your
dealer about the way to proceed. The specications are typical. The actual values can slightly change from one unit to the other.
Specications can be changed without prior notice.
CAUTION! Immediately upon receiving a xture, carefully unpack the carton, check the contents to ensure that all parts are
present, and have been received in good condition. Notify the shipper immediately and retain packing material for inspection if
any parts appear damage from shipping or the package itself shows signs of mishandling. Save the package and all packing
materials. In the event that a xture must be returned to the factory, it is important that the xture be returned in the original
factory box and packing.
If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature uctuation (e.g. after transportation), do not switch it on immediately. The
arising condensation water might damage your device. Leave the device switched o until it has reached room temperature.
On the label on the backside of the controller is indicated on this type of power supply must be connected. Check that the mains
voltage corresponds to this, all other voltages than specied, the light eect can be irreparably damaged. The controller must
also be directly connected to the mains and may be used. No dimmer or adjustable power supply.
The installation of the fixture has to be built and constructed in a way that it can hold 10 times the weight
for 1 hour without any harming deformation.
The installation must always be secured with a secondary safety attachment, e.g. an appropriate catch net.
This secondary safety attachment must be constructed in a way that no part of the installation can fall down
if the main attachment fails.
Make sure the area below the installation place is free from unwanted persons during rigging, de-rigging
and servicing.
The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an
expert before taking into operation for the first time and after changes before taking into operation another
The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by a
skilled person once a year.
The xture should be installed in the position where persons cannot reach and where persons may walk by
or be seated.
CAUTION: Please consider the respective national norms
during the installation! The installation must only be
carried out by an authorized employee or dealers!
CAUTION: When installing the device, make sure there is no
highly in inammable material (decoration articles,
etc.) in between a distance of min 0.5 meter.


Marke: BeamZ
Kategorie: Lichteffektmaschine
Modell: LED Astro Parbar 4-Way Kit 150.490
Breite: 840 mm
Tiefe: 110 mm
Gewicht: 7500 g
Produktfarbe: Schwarz
Höhe: 280 mm
Energiequelle: AC
Lampentyp: LED
Eingangsspannung: 100 - 240 V
Anzahl der DMX-Kanäle: 17 Kanäle
Strahlungswinkel: 40 °
XLR-Eingang: Ja
Eingangsfrequenz: 50/60 Hz
Kugeldurchmesser: - "

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