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© 2009 Sony Corporation
Digital HD Video
Camera Recorder
Operating Guide
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly,
and retain it for future reference
Read this before operating your camcorder
Before operating the unit, please read this
manual thoroughly, and retain it for future
Handling the images recorded on your
camcorder on a computer
Refer to “PMB (Picture Motion Browser)
Guide” stored on the supplied CD-ROM.
Types of “Memory Stick” media you
can use with your camcorder
• For recording movies, it is recommended
that you use “Memory Stick PRO Duo
media of 1 GB or larger marked with:
(“Memory Stick
PRO Duo” media)*
(“Memory Stick
PRO-HG Duo” media)
*You can use “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media
whether Mark2 is indicated or not.
• See page 15 for the recordable time of
“Memory Stick PRO Duo” media.
“Memory Stick PRO Duo”/“Memory Stick
(This size can be used with your
“Memory Stick
(You cannot use it in your camcorder.)
“Memory Stick PRO Duo” media and
“Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo” media are
both referred to as “Memory Stick PRO
Duo” media in this manual.
• You cannot use any type of memory card
other than those mentioned above.
“Memory Stick PRO Duo” media can be
used only with “Memory Stick PRO”
media compatible equipment.
Do not attach a label or the like on
“Memory Stick PRO Duo” media or
“Memory Stick Duo” media adaptor.
Insert the “Memory Stick PRO Duo”
media into the “Memory Stick Duo”
media adaptor when using “Memory Stick
PRO Duo” media with “Memory Stick
PRO” media compatible equipment.
Using the camcorder
Do not hold the camcorder by the
following parts.
Notes on use
Camera Cable
Jack cover
The camera of the camcorder is splash-
proof but the main body is not, therefore
never wet the main body of the
camcorder. See “About handling of your
camcorder” (p. 79).
Do not do any of the following when the
(Movie)/ (Still) mode lamps
(p. 12) or the access lamp (p. 14) is lit or
Otherwise, the media may be damaged,
recorded images may be lost or other
malfunctions could occur.
Eject the “Memory Stick PRO Duo”
media from the camcorder
Remove the battery pack or AC Adaptor
from the camcorder.
Apply mechanical shock or vibration to
the camcorder.
When connecting your camcorder to
another device with a cable, be sure to
insert the connector plug in the correct
way. Pushing the plug forcibly into the
terminal will damage the terminal and
may result in a malfunction of your
About menu items, LCD panel and
A menu item that is grayed out is not
available under the current recording or
playback conditions.
The LCD screen is manufactured using
extremely high-precision technology, so
over 99.99% of the pixels are operational
for effective use. However, there may be
some tiny black points and/or bright
points (white, red, blue, or green in color)
that appear constantly on the LCD screen.
These points are normal results of the
manufacturing process and do not affect
the recording in any way.
Exposing the LCD screen or the lens to
direct sunlight for long periods of time
may cause malfunctions.
Do not aim at the sun. Doing so might
cause your camcorder to malfunction.
Take images of the sun only in low light
conditions, such as at dusk.
About changing the language setting
The on-screen displays in each local
language are used for illustrating the
operating procedures. Change the screen
language before using your camcorder if
necessary (p. 13).
On recording
Before starting to record, test the
recording function to make sure the image
and sound are recorded without any
Compensation for the contents of
recordings cannot be provided, even if
recording or playback is not possible due
to a malfunction of the camcorder, storage
media, etc.
TV color systems differ depending on the
country/region. To view your recordings
on a TV, you need an NTSC system-based
Black point
White, red, blue or green point


Marke: Sony
Kategorie: Camcorder
Modell: HXR-MC1

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