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Owner’s Manual
Manuel D’Utilisation
Manuale Di Istruzioni
Manual De Instrucciones
Figure A
Direction Lights
Achage de la Direction
Spie Luminose di Direzione
Luces Direccionales
Distance Indicator/Battery Power Display
Indicateur de Distance/Témoin de Batterie
Indicatore di Distanza/Display del Livello Batteria
Indicator de Distancia/Estado de Bateria
Multiple Burial Indicator
Indicateur Multi Victimes
Led Indicatore di
Seppellimento Multiplo
Luz Indicadora de Entierros
Transmit Light
Témoin d’Émission
Spia Luminosa di Trasmissione
Indicador de Transmisión
Options Button
Bouton Options
Pulsante Opzioni
Botón de opciones
No avalanche transceiver can help save lives without a fully trained user.
Practice frequently with your Tracker3 before going into the backcountry.
Learn and understand the inherent dangers of backcountry travel. Become
educated in avalanche hazard evaluation, route selection, and self-rescue.
In addition to your transceiver, always carry a probe and shovel—and
always travel with a partner. We also recommend the use of avalanche
airbags and group communication devices, such as two-way radios.
Make sure all rescue equipment is functioning properly before venturing
into the backcountry. Perform a transceiver trailhead test every time
you use your Tracker3. Check that all transceivers transmit and receive
properly—and that all receive a signal at a minimum distance of 20 meters
(65 feet).
Do not place cellular phones, communication radios, GPS devices, digital
cameras, or any other electronic equipment within 50 cm (20 inches) of
Tracker3 while performing a transceiver search. In receive mode, irregular
readings, decreased range and multiple burial indications can be caused
by these and other sources of electrical interference, such as power lines,
electrical storms, and electrical generating equipment. In transmit mode,
keep Tracker3 at least 20 cm (8 inches) from other electronic equipment
or large metal objects. Use only alkaline batteries of identical age and
brand. Do not use rechargeable, lithium, Oxyride, PowerPix, or any
other non-alkaline battery.
This owners manual covers the basic techniques required to use
Tracker3 effectively. To increase your efficiency, refer to our website:
www.backcountryaccess.com. Here you will also find important
resources for obtaining avalanche education and updates on regional
avalanche conditions.
To ensure warranty protection and to be notied of software updates,
please complete an online warranty registration at:
Conforms to the R&TTE harmonized version of the EN 300 718 and meets
or exceeds the requirements of Articles 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.


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