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Please read these instructions carefully
and retain for future reference.
Sleep Perfect
Machine Washable Electric Blankets
Instruction Booklet
Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions 1
Safety Precautions for your Electric Blanket 2
Sunbeam’s SleepPerfect® Technology 3
Features of your electric blanket
Sleep Perfect Fitted 4
Sleep Perfect Waterproof 5
Sleep Perfect Antibacterial 6
Sleep Perfect Quilted 8
Sleep Perfect Pillow Top 9
Sleep Perfect Fleecy 10
Fitting your electric blanket 12
Using your electric blanket 14
Troubleshooting 16
Care and cleaning 17
If you have any concerns regarding the performance and use of your appliance,
please visit or contact the Sunbeam Consumer Service Line.
Ensure the above safety precautions are understood.
Sunbeam is very safety conscious when
designing and manufacturing consumer products,
but it is essential that the product user also
exercise care when using an electrical appliance.
Listed below are precautions which are essential
for the safe use of an electrical appliance:
• Readcarefullyandsavealltheinstructions
provided with an appliance.
• Alwaysturnthepoweroffatthepoweroutlet
by grasping the plug - do not pull on the cord.
• Turnthepoweroffandremovetheplug
when the appliance is not in use and
before cleaning.
• Donotuseyourappliancewithanextension
cord unless this cord has been checked
and tested by a qualified technician or
service person.
• Alwaysuseyourappliancefromapower
on the appliance.
• Thisapplianceisnotintendedforuseby
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
• Childrenshouldbesupervisedtoensurethat
they do not play with the appliance.
• Thetemperatureofaccessiblesurfacesmaybe
high when the appliance is operating.
• Neverleaveanapplianceunattendedwhile
in use.
• Donotuseanapplianceforanypurpose
other than its intended use.
• Donotplaceanapplianceonornearahotgas
flame, electric element or on a heated oven.
• Donotplaceontopofanyotherappliance.
• Donotletthepowercordofanappliancehang
over the edge of a table or bench top or touch
any hot surface.
• Donotoperateanyelectricalappliancewith
a damaged cord or after the appliance has
been damaged in any manner. If damage is
suspected, return the appliance to the nearest
• Foradditionalprotection,Sunbeam
recommend the use of a residual current
supplying power to your appliances.
• Donotimmersetheapplianceinwater
or any other liquid unless recommended.
remote control system.
household and similar applications such
as: staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and
other working environments; farm houses; by
clients in hotels, motels and other residential
type environments; bed and breakfast type
Sunbeams Safety Precautions


Marke: Sunbeam
Kategorie: Heizdecke/-kissen
Modell: Sleep Perfect BLW5681

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