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928IB /12 /14 /16 /18 /21
Heavy Duty
12"/14"/16"/18"/21" Sha
Heavy Duty
10" Whisk
928IB10 / 928IBM12 / 928IBM16
Medium Duty
10" / 12" / 16" Sha
Commercial Variable Speed
Immersion Blenders
2. Do not immerse the immersion blender in water or any other liquid.
Doing so can result in electrical shock.
3. Always unplug from outlet prior to handling or cleaning.
4. Avoid contact with moving parts while operating the blender.
5. CAUTION: Blades are sharp. Handle carefully.
6. This immersion blender is not intended for use by children or individuals
with impaired mental and/or motor skills. Individuals who lack
experience operating a blender need supervision during use.
7. Never remove parts or clean the blender unless it is unplugged
from the electrical outlet.
8. Do not use the immersion blender if the cord or plug is damaged.
Contact the nearest authorized service agency for repair.
9. Do not use outdoors.
10. Do not allow the power cord to hang over the counter or come in
contact with liquids or hot surfaces.
11. Do not place hands or utensils near the immersion blender’s blades.
Doing so can cause severe personal harm and/or damage to the blender.
12. When blending hot liquids (anything over 100°F), ensure the blades are
fully submerged before turning on the blender to avoid splashing.
Do not stand directly over the blender while in use.
13. Never leave the immersion blender unattended while operating.
14. Ensure you are using this immersion blender on a properly grounded
outlet. This blender comes with a 120V NEMA 5-15P plug.
 Ifunsureofyourelectricalconguration,contactaprofessional
electrician before operating.
928IB10 120V 450 4000-16000RPM ¾ 10"
928IBM12 120V 450 4000-16000RPM ¾ 12"
928IBM16 120V 450 4000-16000RPM ¾ 16"
928IB12 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 1¼ 12"
928IB14 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 1¼ 14"
928IB16 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 1¼ 16"
928IB18 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 1¼ 18"
928IB21 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 1¼ 21"
928IBW10 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 10" WHISK
928IB12COMBO 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 12" SHAFT & 10" WHISK
928IB14COMBO 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 14" SHAFT & 10" WHISK
928IB16COMBO 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 16" SHAFT & 10" WHISK
928IB18COMBO 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 18" SHAFT & 10" WHISK
928IB21COMBO 120V 850 8000-18000RPM 21" SHAFT & 10" WHISK
3/4 HP immersion blenders 120V 450 4000- 16000RPM ¾ Not Included
928PIBPP850 120V 850 8000-18000RPM Not Included
1. Remove the unit from the box and remove all packaging.
2. Clean the unit (refer to cleaning instructions on pg. 4 prior to use).
3. Align and insert the coupling of the shaft or whisk in the clutch of the machine body.
4. Screwtheshaftorwhiskuptofastenitrmlytothemachinebody.
5. Make sure that the connection is tight before turning on the Immersion Blender.
Machine Body ShaCoupling


Marke: AvaMix
Kategorie: Mixer
Modell: IBM16

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