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Camera User Guide
Camera User Guide
Camera User Guide
Camera User GuideCamera User Guide
This guide explains camera features and procedures in detail.
Before Using the Camera
Print/Transfer Settings
Viewing Images on a TV set
List of Messages
Main Features
z6x optical zoom with shift-method image stabilizer
zAvoid the effects of camera shake or blurry subjects when
shooting by using a high ISO speed
zAutomatically adjusts shooting settings to match particular
zChanges specific image colors to shoot (Color Accent, Color
zUse the separately sold wide converter, tele-converter, close-
up lens or waterproof case when shooting
Plays back automatically
using the Auto Play function
zAdds effects to still images
with My Colors
zMakes printing easy with
the Print/Share button
zAlso supports non-Canon
brand PictBridge compliant
Uses of Recorded Images
zEffortlessly transfer them to a computer with the Print/Share
Conventions Used in this Guide
Icons appearing next to or below titles indicate the shooting
modes in which the procedure can be used.
See Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode .(p. 134)
zIn this guide, the Basic Camera User Guide is referred to as the
Basic Guide, and the Advanced Camera User Guide is referred
to as the Advanced Guide.
This mark denotes issues that may affect the camera’s
This mark denotes additional topics that complement the
basic operating procedures.
You can use SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards and
MultiMediaCards with this camera.
These cards are collectively called memory cards in this guide.
Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.
This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when
used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable
for any damage to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc.,
caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories
(e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack). Please note
that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the
malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you
may request such repairs on a chargeable basis.
* Unavailable shooting modes are shown grayed out.
Postcard Mode
Shooting Mode
Mode switch


Marke: Huawei
Kategorie: Telefon
Modell: nova 5 Pro

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