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Thank you for purchasing this Body Analyser Digital Scale. Please read the instructions and warnings
carefully before use to ensure safe and satisfactory operation of this product.
The body analyser uses the help of electrodes placed on the scale; it sends a small harmless current
through the body, so small that you will not feel anything.
CAUTION: This product should not be used by people with implants such as pacemaker, artificial
limbs, contraceptive devices, metal plates or screws. It may cause the device to malfunction or
produce an inaccurate result. When in doubt, consult your physician. Pregnant women should only
use the weight function.
Instructions for use
When first use, please install batteries (2 PCS AAA batteries).
Press the switch on the bottom of the scale, you can choose KG or ST. Select your desired unit of
measure, always when the scale is turned on and 0.0 is displayed.
1. To measure weight only:
Put the scale on a hard & flat surface (avoid carpet or soft surface).
Then gently step on the scale directly, put your feet evenly on the scale without moving and you
will see body weight flash 3 times and lock. Your correct weight will be displayed.
Step off the scale and it will turn off in 10 seconds automatically.
2. Personal data setting mode: Set user ID
Press the SET button to enter set-up mode:
“P01-P12” will appear on the screen and flash - this refers to the user memory in use (1 to 12)
• Scroll up and down using or button to select number and then SET to confirm
The scale will go back to weighing mode after the user profile is set up
Input personal information (gender/age/height) before using :
1. To set gender: Scroll up and down using or button to select gender (select from female or
male) and then SET to confirm.
2. To set height: Scroll up and down using or button to select height and then SET to confirm.
To weigh and measure
1. After setting up the user profile, when the LCD displays 0.0, you may stand on the scale platform
directly, with your barefoot aligned on the electrodes; your weight will be displayed.
2. After the weight is stable, a flashing 0 means that the scale is measuring the fat, the 0 signal
moves from left to right across the screen, and then shows the data.
3. Measurement display
Body Fat percentage Body Water percentage
When the scale is on, to recall your user memory (once it has already been set up), scroll up and
down using button to select your user memory. Press SET to confirm. Your age and height or
are displayed. When the LCD displays 0.0, you may stand on the scale platform directly. Your weight,
body fat percentage, body water percentage, calorie and BMI will be displayed.
The scale will turn off automatically.
BMI (Body Mass Index) Calorie
3. To set age: Scroll up and down using or button to select age and then SET to confirm.


Marke: Terraillon
Kategorie: Waage
Modell: Tracker

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